Technology Consulting

Technology requires knowledge and expertise more that it requires money. That is why information is key when making a decision for computer hardware and software purchases. DÁNAS believes it is imperative that our customers are aware of promotions, rebates, and other cost-saving options when purchasing items from us. We provide our customers with enough information to ensure they get the right solution for the task at hand.

DÁNAS will collaborate with a customer to understand what their technological objectives are for a project. Once a baseline is established, we will prepare a SOW to determine if the client would be interested in hiring our services.

Collaboration and Assessment:

  • Collaborate with customer to get a clear understanding of their business and their current IT infrastructure usage.
  • Identify and recommend how technology can assist to achieve their IT objectives and business goals.
    • Upon understanding the customer’s business goals, DÁNAS will assess the current state of the customer’s current technology usage. A site assessment may be necessary in order to provide maximum optimization of the solution offering. This would be at the customer’s cost.
    • During this process, DÁNAS will be able to identify if there are any critical areas of vulnerability and where there are areas for improvements.

Building the Team | Implement Plan | Issue Proposal:

  • The team will collaborate with the customer to determine if usage of existing equipment is sufficient or if it is necessary to upgrade hardware.
  • DÁNAS is vendor-agnostic and not tied to the products of any specific computer manufacturer.
  • A plan would be developed and agreed upon for implementation.
  • Prepare and issue a proposal for SOW.